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Film Šťastně až na věky /Happily ever after

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Film Šťastně až na věky /Happily ever after
Film Šťastně až na věky /Happily ever after

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14. 6. 2023 18:00 – 20:00

Östermalm, Villagatan 21, 114 32 Stockholm, Švédsko

O události

In her documentary, director Jana Počtová follows five stories of individuals who have chosen to seek happiness in unconventional forms of partnership over the course of three years. These relationships include polyamory, open relationships, love through the internet, and long-term relationships with already committed partners. While these "forms of love" may not seem as exceptional in the present, they are still publicly discussed with some reservation. The film has been included in the program of this year's 25th edition of the One World Documentary Festival.

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